About Us

About Us

Envision Life Academy is part of the largest private professional educational services organization in the United States dedicated to providing unlimited assistance with career assessment, college selection and college admissions. Having served over 90,000 students over the last eleven years, we have learned from our experiences and built a solid foundation, program and team of over 200 professionals dedicated to serving the needs of its students nationwide. 

Our executive leadership also shares the same mission and goals as Private Schools, which is to effectively prepare students for life.  We piloted a program working with a local Private School in greater Atlanta to help develop our program to meet the needs of their School Adminstrators who would monitor and manage the program.  The tools we developed are being rolled out to Private Schools nationwide. 

In addtion, we have partnered with ACSI, the Association of Christian Schools International who provides services to hundreds of schools worldwide.  They recognized the value of the services we bring to students, and believe in our commitment to serve the needs of schools and school administrators meet the challenges building and maintaining a successful college/career planning program.

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Private School Showcase

Envision Life Academy has worked with a local Christian school in the Atlanta area for a few years and piloted a program to meet the needs of the school.  After working with the school, our executive staff strategically chose to further develop the services and tools offered to better meet the needs of private schools nationwide.

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Company Timeline

Envision Life Academy, and its related companies, are the culmination of years of planning and hard work on the part of many mission-driven people.  The foundation of our college planning solution launched in 2007 and has provided a proprietary process, live coaches available 70 hours a week and system platforms dedicated to helping high school kids prepare for life through the transition to college.

Organization established
Opened, first business-to-consumer workshops
Piloted program with Boys and Girls Club (scholarship donation)
Began Legacy Community Academy (GA) pilot program
Expanded office to Copeland Towers in Arlington, TX
Launched Senior Transfer Program for students beginning at community college
Created LaunchPad Advantage Student Portal
Developed software for reservations, workshops and financial services
Researched opportunities to expand into Educational Associations
Began development of Envision Life Academy
Partnership with ACSI, Association of Christian Schools International
CESA Symposium 2018, Chicago, IL - Gold Partner Event Sponsor
Projected go-live